Salty Dog Laser Fleet sails under "Blue Moon"

There were 8 sailors who sailed under a spectacular BLUE MOON last Friday night.  A blue Moon is the second full moon in one month, we will not see another one until 2017.  I do not know what was more awesome, the incredible sunset, or the absolutely huge full moon rising over worlds end.  We began with goodies on the deck before we headed out. The sun set was 8:03PM , so we wanted to be headed out by 7:30PM.   The breeze began really strong from the W-SW, but began to lay down by the time we headed out, making for a great sail.  We all reached out toward Sheep Island, and a beautiful setting sun. As if on cue, as soon as the sun set, and we were looking at the glow over Boston , we were astounded by  a totally full moon rising over World End It was huge.  You could not help just staring and thinking WOW!.  Well, after a few minutes of enjoying the moment, and a refill of our beverages, BLUE MOON Beer of course. We headed for the moon!!  With the glow of the sunset and the light of a full moon it never seemed to get dark, although we all had our required lights on.  Barbara , Kevin Riley and Melissa Nelson, were our support boat, as well as keeping us all well hydrated. We all headed back towards the club, but no one wanted to quit. We would get close and someone would head back out and everyone followed, what a night.  The wind began to give it up for the night and forced us to head in, but not before another look at an absolutely gorgeous full moon, and the thought of what a great night of sailing.  The sailors were Ellen Grey, Dave Nelson, Scott Read, Conrad Langenhagen, Ed Morris, Todd Anderson, Kevin Bell, and myself, Ken Wilson.