Salty Dog's Full Moon

As I sat at home preparing to head to the club to go sailing, the breeze was beautiful, 8 k ESE.  I thought this was going to be a great night

of sailing.  And It was!  There were seven Salty Dogs who came out for an evening sail under a “SUPER” full moon.  Kim, Peter , Todd, Steve, John, Ellen, and myself, were ready to go well before the rising moon.  The moon was scheduled to rise before the sun set.  The wind began to die as we headed out, and with a strong incoming tide it was a struggle to get up the channel.  There was just enough breeze to keep us moving. Barbara  and some friends were following behind in a safety boat, that just happened to have a large cooler of cold beer aboard. They did a great job of checking up on us, and making sure we were well hydrated.  We worked our way out the channel following a beautiful sunset.

See photo attached ..  As it turned out the moon was not up as the sun set, it was amazing how long it seemed to stay light, with either the sun or moon on the horizon.  We all headed for world end as this was where the moon was expected, and sure enough the moon began to appear, a low cloud bank obscured the moon a bit as it rose from behind world end.  We all worked our way back to the club under a gorgeous rising moon.  As is on cue a slight breeze began to build and as we approached the club, we decided to hold a short race, down the channel under the moon beam, really preety cool!!.  No one cared who won, it was a super night to be sailing under the super moon!!