Laser Sailing 5/4

Sunday afternoon was a wild day on the water. We now have seven Lasers on the docks.  A good group arrived at the Club before 2:00PM to find the wind blowing 20-25 out of the west, sail flow gust to 34K.   We were a bit in the Lee by the hoist, and with the tide close to high, it was easy to drop the boats in at the hoist area.  Getting the boats over to the docks required  what looked like a surfboard paddle out to the big wave.. Joe Berkley, sailed over from Hull expecting us to be ready to go.. It must have been heck of a sail over.  Well, he was patience and waited around as we all  looked over our boats for the first time since the fall.  Conrad did not plan to sail as he had work to do on the big boat, Kim who is keeping in shape for the Pan Mass, rode his bike out to Hull Gut and saw the winds and decided it was not a good day for sailing, Steve Demenna, also opted to use the day as a set up day. Peter Ross, who does not live too far away, would normally launch off of North Beach, but decided to just walk his boat to the club… the joys and simplicity of Laser sailing (see photo).  With the wind honking on the north side of the club, we elected to stay on the south side, where it looked to be OK?  Well, 4 of us decided to give it a go, myself, Ed Morris, Rick Pedone, and Joe, who had already had a day’s sail that would have killed the rest of us.   Peter and Todd, decided we needed a safety boat and elected to take Peters boat and be our RC.    Let me state right off..  It was a stupid idea to sail !!!   The 4 of us reached back and forth, in between knock downs. Peter set up a course with a mark, up off of Ragged Island. I never saw it though, even Joe was in the water a couple of times.  Rick and Ed seemed  to be doing better than me.  Although looking up the race course they seemed to be in the water as much as they were out..  The wind was just all over the place, you would be sailing along hiking hard, and thinking , OK I have this figured out?? Then a 30 K puff out of nowhere… “SPLASH” ..If this was the middle of the summer, it might ?? be fun, but that water was cold!.  I still marvel at how you can get into irons so easily when the wind is blowing 20 k ??  We decided it was time to quit and head in.  Joe still had to sail home.  Peter offered him a place to keep his boat but he decided to sail home.. We kept an eye on him and hope he made it all the way back.  OH well it was still a day on/in the water..