Friday Night Laser Sailing 8/1

Friday night was a great night on the water.  We had seven boats on the line.  The wind was SSW 8-10K with a few puffs a bit higher.

With the wind direction, we set up a bit south of the club, starting between the gas pump and a mooring ball out E of the club.  Our deck staff is becoming very proficient on starting our races.  As typical with a SSW breeze it was very shifty, and spotty.  So you really had to watch the shifts and stay in the breeze.  On the first race, Ellen, Kevin, Peter, and Conrad had a synchronized tacking duel. It was fun to watch as the inside boat tacked and all the others tacked on cue.  As you all may know Ellen has retired from Lincoln Maritime.  In honor of her time with Lincoln, but more to her part in the beginning of the Salty Dogs.  We all started using the Lincoln Lasers, it was not until later than most of us bought our own boats.  We had a couple of races dedicated to Ellen, and she offered up a few “Salty Dog”  hats as prizes.  Todd was really sailing well and was a lock to win, until his main sheet caught a mooring approaching the leeward mark. Well it stopped him dead and when he got clear, he was a bit behind.  Well in the spirit of the Salty Dogs we awarded a coveted hat. It needs to be pointed out that Ellen was way out in front and decided she could not win her own race and retired for a beer instead.  It was a great night, and Thank you Ellen for all you have done.

Take a look at the photo, a scary group?

Upcoming events!

This is a very special week for the Salty dogs.  We will be sailing as usual on Friday, so plan to join us. BUT!! This is also a week that offers us another Full Moon. Sunday evening will be a full moon and we plan to sail at dusk and sail as the sun sets and as the moon rises.  We have done this twice before and it has been a blast.  We will begin with hors d'oeuvres  before sailing, go sail, and come in for a few cocktails as we enjoy the full moon.  The forecast looks to be perfect.   Please plan to be there, it will be a great night of sailing.

More to come as we get closer...